[modeleng] Re: Giving rides to small children

  • From: Mike Leahy <heisler9-modeleng2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 21:19:19 +0100

Hi Ron

You wrote
> Before going any further, let me say that we do appreciate the hard work
> undertaken by the Southern Federation and its officials (your good self
> included) to enable us to enjoy our hobby in safety. Preparing a document=
> such a sensitive subject must have been a thankless task for all involved=

Thanks for your kind words

> Now to the reasons for our stance. We decided not to contact the local
> Social Services department, because this could open up a whole can of wor=

Agreed.  When the guidelines were being formulated I contacted my local
council to see what advise they had to hand - I wish I hadn't! Talk about

> They would probably act defensively and ask for a CRB check on all of the
> individuals involved in the running of the railway.

Not required at all.
> Our club has suffered from a loss of membership following a general
> tightening up of our rules over the last few years.

A great pity.

> The general feeling of our members is
> that it=B9s US that need protecting from THEM, some of whom can be very unr=
> at times!

Couldn't agree more.
> I will be writing on this subject in our Winter club magazine, but I thin=
> it=B9s unlikely that we will make any changes to our rules.

Probably the case with the majority of clubs.

Thanks for your reply


Mike Leahy
South Ockendon, UK=20


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