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Conversely, it's clear the Republicans didn't win...

It's clear to whom?

Rush Limbaugh said yesterday morning "the conservatives won!" He's so whacked that he doesn't see reality.

Bush also is trying to maintain his faith-based politics. He insists that he decided to fire Rumsfeld before the election, but "didn't want to make it an electiion issue", so he says he waited until after the election. He won't admit that Rumsfeld (and Iraq) were the major factors in the loss.

nobody cheated.

Asides from minor fraud here and there, it was a generally correct election. Which surprised me. Perhaps Rove thought they would win (even by a small margin), and thus didn't engineer fraud on the scale of Ohio and Florida. Or the GOP is in such disarray (so many investigations, resignations, and convictions) that they couldn't manufacture an election.

Rove tried to influence the election by announcing Saddam's execution two days before the election. It was obviously political: Saddam has been sentenced to death by hanging... for what? The court has not yet stated what he is guilty of. But since when did the Bush White House care about minor legal stuff? They just want to murder him. The whole trial is a fraud.

The Republicans didn't just lose an election. They lost their way. There is no "Republican Party" at the moment. It's shattered too much. Among the GOP, there is strong dislike and distrust of Bush (he protected Rumsfeld and cost many Republicans their offices).

The party is also deeply split. The Evangelicals have finally realized that "their" party is made up of the very people they despise: gays, liars, and scoundrels. For more than 25 years, the GOP promised the Evangelicals they would get their issues (home schooling, ban on gays, ban on gay marriage, ban on abortion, ban on sex, ban on secular humanists, etc.) if the Evangelicals would vote GOP. The Evangelicals voted correctly, and got... screwed. None of their demands have been carried out at the national level. Rove et al were just laughing at naive Evangelicals.

But this doesn't mean there is a Democratic agenda. I see none. The voters voted against Bush. They didn't vote for the Democrats. There is no broad agenda on social issues, the wars, etc.

After a few weeks (or just days) of feeling good, we will wake up back into the same mess: no strategy, no direction, no progress.

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