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  • Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 08:53:28 -0800

NEW YORK Jon Stewart of The Daily Show said of the Democratic gains, "I don't know what it means either," but then explained that it may lead to the Dems gaining "access to political power and sexual perversity."

Looking at one key loss for the GOP, he said: "Rick Santorum has been raptured to a better place."

Commenting on some other races decided, he said that with Bernie Sanders winning in Vermont, the state went from having an Independent to a Jew from New York and Socialist, and thus "Now it is even less relevant. Congratulations!"

Stewart had opened the show asking, "Can Karl Rove's tactical genius overcome, let's say, reality?" For example, "the Iraq war" and "Republican corruption."

The announcement of Santorum's loss drew such a cheer from the crowd, Stewart said he was worried about a riot breaking out.

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