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  • Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 09:38:31 -0500

Surprised (and pleased) to see your name in my inbox again. And with a very nice little poem attached. Reminds me of the Romantics' response to the French and Russian revolutions. And of the constant push of the staus quo to whitewash and eviscerate revolutionary symbols of their meaning. So school children are told of Helen Keller's courage in the face of multiple handicaps but not her fight for social justice. Can't have the little ones getting ideas. And, finally, it reminds me of our youth, when things seemed possible. If none of this is what you meant, that's your problem now, isn't it...but know you've cheered my morning...


Mike Geary wrote:

I was in Paris in '68,
but I was a week too late,
the riots were already over.
One burnt car
outside a bar --
On the sidewalks,
pockets of people
but no stones
were thrown,
it was over,
all over and done with.
Here had happened
real rage against the machine.
Happened like a hard rain.
Now all that remained
was to clean
the event of any importance. Mike Geary

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