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  • From: Ursula Stange <Ursula@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 09:52:35 -0500

I was already, but just barely, in Canada when the Grant Park riots occured in Chicago. Interestingly, the man who teaches film studies here at Nipissing is also an ex-pat American who was actually in Grant Park that tumultuous spring. I was still in Chicago for the riots following the assassination of MLK. But I was already in Toronto when Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The US seemed like a sinking ship at the time. We watched the news every night and worried. Probably we didn't worry enough, not recognizing the seeds of today's world. Reading back over that paragraph, I see the word ex-pat. I don't ever see myself that way. I've been Canadian over twice as long as I was ever American.

Ursula,   musing in the morning sunshine

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