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  • From: Judy Evans <judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 19:06:24 +0100

Amazing (thank you, Mike) I was poised to complain that you hadn't
posted a Sunday poem!

I've nothing to say really (except thank you) because I don't like
analysing poetry.

Sunday, May 15, 2005, 6:47:01 PM, Mike Geary wrote:


MG> Inflexible morality of the miserable:
MG> at least that if no more, ought through their creeds.  
MG> The ligatures of all beliefs I am here to untie.

MG> There are rich and powerful men 
MG> who at this very moment are plotting to kill you.
MG> They don't know your name.
MG> If they did,
MG> you wouldn't be on their list.

MG> Rumi makes me wish I were of his Islam,
MG> Francis of Assisi of his Christianity,
MG> Basho and Saigyo, that I could, like them, let go.
MG> Lao Tsu -- would that I could follow through.
MG> But I'm stuck with me and a sometimes gouty knee.

MG> 'Resplendent' -- the world of the wealthy.
MG> Private Security stands guard.
MG> The police stand guard.
MG> And the National Guard
MG> and the Navy
MG> and the Army
MG> and the Air Force
MG> and the CIA
MG> and the NSA
MG> and the ASA
MG> and the DIA
MG> and the NMIA
MG> and the NRO
MG> and the FBI.
MG> It takes a lot of intelligence to keep the poor poor.

MG> Had Jesus laughed just once,
MG> I might have followed him with love. 
MG> But he never saw the infinite humor of 
MG> the poor admiring the wealthy.
MG> He was no God.

MG> So here it is another Sunday,
MG> church bells reproaching me:
MG> "God wants you!" they say.
MG> But I'm a conscientious objector, I plea.
MG> The Devil laughs most heartily,
MG> "Yes, as conscientious as a beer joint. 
MG> For thirty years you've relived the ending of Zabriskie Point
MG> like a sacrament."
MG> OK, it's true.  Second only to the swivey hips
MG> I ache for the Apocalypse.



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