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  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 14:46:17 -0500


God gets bored and says to the horde 
of angels at his feet
"Wouldn't it be neat 
if we had someplace to meet,
besides this loud old cloud Nine!"
They all agreed it really would be 
super-duper divinely fine.
"So let there be light,"says the Lord,
came the chorus in C Major chord,
and light split the night half into day! 
and God sees that it's pretty much OK, 
as these things go,
but He still feels incomplete.
So He asks His advisors what else would be neat.
Holy McVision, Lucifer said, I didn't even know that I had sight!
Why don't you give us something to look at,
something more interesting than this blinding white.
"Like what?" God quizzes.
"Hell, I don't know, how about a cat?"
That sounds odd to God, but what does He know?,
"So Let there be cats," He says, "and so, 
too, let there be ground 
on which they can walk and waters for to drink,
and let them think 
existence is all about them, 
(even in things divine comedy can be found)
and let there be dogs to chase them down and mice for them to eat 
and let there be birds to taunt them from the trees, 
and so, yes, let there be trees,
and let there be breeze to unsettle the trees 
and pollen for the bees."
And with each of God's afterthoughts 
the Heavenly Host would toast with boastful "Ta-da's". 
God was more than a little impressed with His magicness
in all this, but then 
each time He thinks He's done. 
He discovers that He'd hardly begun,
for every creation sets up relations for other necessities,
it finally brings Him to his knees, 
"Is there no end to this?  Please, please, please, make it stop," 
He pleads with His advisors. 
"What we need is a creature," 
Lucifer said, "who will use his incisors 
to make sense of all this --
a creature, that is, whose hunger for certainty
will lead him to devour anything.
Put him in charge of making sense of this mess.
"And what kind of creature is that?"  God asks.
"A preacher creature," Lucifer said. 
And so God says:  "Let there be man." 

Mike Geary
just another April fool

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