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On 2004/05/06, at 11:18, Veronica Caley wrote:

> Perhaps.  But is it possible that people not in the middle class can 
> work
> their way into it through coming in contact with literary fiction in a
> public school?
> Alternatively, is being poor but having positive values place one in 
> the
> middle class?  By positive values I guess I am showing mine.  I mean 
> ideas
> like considering education important and being taught to study, work 
> hard,
> etc.  Haven't millions of poor immigrants worked their way into the 
> middle
> or upper class, at least as it concerns income?

Good questions. But what I had in mind was women in poor families 
without access to public education (or to public education including 
exposure to literary fiction). We live in a world where more than a 
billion human beings subsist on less than one dollar a day, and the 
overwhelming majority of women will have access to at most elementary 

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