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Whereas, had the Communists won out, they would have
used the power to create a political, social, economic
and cultural paradize, as they did elsewhere
Late in the novel Nafisi cites a passage of socialist realism to show how 
forcing grand ideas is undermining not only to literary effects but to normal 
human sympathy.
Nafisi makes the point that forcing the wearing of the veil was a central 
mistake, like forcing a novel to have a "theme" and insisting on reading the 
novel as an unfolding of that theme. She gives the case of her devout mother, 
in her faith, who rejected the veil after it was forced--since the veil was 
only meaningful if it was freely worn as an expression of piety. 

A similar thought to the notion that moral action is only possible when 
choice (free will) is possible.

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