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That's a risky game, Donal.  A few years ago I was a frequent poster to a 
book discussion group.  Lots of academics on it, but less high-brow than this 
list, and the less elite spoke freely.  I was far more vocal than I am here 
(sic).  After "knowing" me via that venue for a couple years, a regular poster 
me he had always pictured me as 200 pounds in a mu-mu.  I've always wondered 
what about my communication made me sound 200 pounds to him.  My 5'2 105 
pounds came as something of a surprise -- he had to do some mental readjusting. 
have often wondered how close to reality my visualizations of people here are 
-- for you all have, you know, become not so vaguely visualized in my mind, as 
any character in a good book does as you read it.  A few years ago phil-lit 
had a website where those so inclined allowed their pic's to be posted.  It 
might be interesting to do something like that again.
Julie Krueger
(never owned a mu-mu)

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This line of argument, minus the rhetoric about American imperialism and its
sublimation of race and class conflicts into an obsession with 'obesity', was
stated well by the research shrink Martin Seligman over twenty years ago -
but the voice of reason seems easily drowned out by the voices of the
profitable health and pharmaceutical and 'self-help' industries.

My step-daughter, a med student, even bought this line that seems to have
become part of official medical ideology despite the kind of criticisms 'Fat'
Campos and 'Farty-Pants' Seligman have levelled - she recently tried to
convince me I was DSM "obese", class one afair. Fat chance. 

Although I missed only by a thin margin, anything over a certain average
point quickly puts you in the "obese" category.

Also, as a sideline, without causing too much offence I think we could play a
thin/not-thin guessing game. 

Who would have guessed that I am "not-thin" (though not quite enough to be
"obese" - yet)?

I guess that Robert Paul and Richard Hennige are "thin", and that Andreas and
Geary are "not-thin". Does my intuition deceive me?


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