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Andy Amago wrote:

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I love Ursula's quotes about war. It's so unfathomable why war is so
eternally popular. It has to be somehow connected to the ability to
rejoice over executions.

Perhaps not. There are some people who are looking at the role of attachment and sacrifice in war.

We love our sons. We do not want to see them die. We value them almost as much as life itself.

But just how much do we value life? We sometimes don't exactly know; sometimes life gets boring and routine.

We would like to know just how much we DO value life.

So we sacrifice our own sons in order to feel that our "way of life" is THAT valuable--SO valuable that we are
willing to see our sons die in order to maintain it.

We are then convinced that our lives have enormous value; otherwise their sacrifice would have been "in vain,"
and we can't possibly conceive that this monstrous idea could be true.

Notice that this has NOTHING to do with rejoicing over death; in fact, just the opposite is true--To the extent
that we feel intensely the loss of life and the pain of death, to that extent do we keep war going, precisely because the
grief provides a measure of the value of our way of life.

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