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> --- Eric Yost <eyost1132@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Omar: If you really feel elated at hearing of
> > someone's
> > death, you deserve the most trite responses you can
> > get. I felt mildly saddened at the news of
> > Slobodan's
> > Miloshevic's death, and God knows that I wasn't his
> > fan when he was alive.
> > 
> > Eric: Why in the world would you feel sad that Slobo
> > 
> > croaked? You should explain that.
> *It's difficult to explain and probably is not a
> completely rational response. I felt sorry for a man
> who died in prison, far from his family and all. I was
> also watching some broadcasts of his trial just weeks
> before he died and was struck by the fact that he an
> intelligent and articulate man, although undoubtedly
> neurotic, but maybe he could have had a better life in
> different circumstances. I have difficulty seeing how
> one can rejoice at someone's death.

I have something of an idea of what Omar is talking about.  I felt a pang
of sadness when I learned that Ted Bundy had been executed.  Even though he
was a monster, it still brought me no joy to think he had been executed. 
I've heard people interviewed on television who lost family members to
killers say the same thing; when the killer was executed, it didn't erase
the crime and it brought them no peace.  Others, of course, rejoice. 
That's the only time I felt that way, except when Terry Schiavo finally
died.  Even though I knew she was a living dead, when she actually died, I
still felt sad.  Such is life.  

I love Ursula's quotes about war.  It's so unfathomable why war is so
eternally popular.  It has to be somehow connected to the ability to
rejoice over executions.

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