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Yes this is right. But yo do need a very good telephone.
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  I disagree.  Most newer computers with a reasonable internet connection alone 
with a good telephone will give you great reception and sound.  IT is very 
clear and reliable.  It also works well with JAWS.  I've even found that 
entering contacts is a breeze.  After you've done this, all you need to type in 
the phone number field is a contact's name and press Enter and the number is 
dialed for you.  And for the money, you can't really go wrong even if you want 
to try it for a year.


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  i wouldn't if i were you it sucks reception wise it's fairly accessible but 
call quality is bad 

  On 8/4/2010 1:14 PM, angel238@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
    I have used Magic Jack since 2008.  I enjoyed using it so much, I replaced 
my land line with it.  It is easy to use with jaws.  I have not put in contacts 
or anything.  That part might be difficult.  In any case, you have 30 days to 
try it out before you might want to return it.  That way you can determine for 
yourself its efficacy.
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      hello listers i am thinking about getting a magic jack does any one use 
one with jaws how accessible is it or is there something better or is this a 
good idea any help or ideas are welcome.

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