Re: jaws 7.1 and form fields

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I went looking for this option to try out.  I use Jaws 7.0.  I put up the 
Configuration Manager.  I pulled down the options settings menu.  I opened 
the Verbosity item, as you specified.  But all I found there was the usual 
set of radio buttons for choosing beginner, intermediate or advanced, and 
then the three items with lists in which you can customize what will be 
spoken under that radio button setting.  That's all that's in the Verbosity 
item under Options Settings.

However, I thought it sounded like something related to HTML processing, so 
I opened the menu again and tried that item.  Sure enough, on the Misc. tab, 
there it was, the setting you so helpfully suggested checking.  I did that, 
clicked OK, saved my default.jcf file  before exiting, and tried out a 
familiar site where I know that some labels and controls don't speak in the 
midst of a forms area if I'm in Forms Mode, but only if I get out of Forms 
Mode and look for them in Virtual Mode.  And this time I found those labels 
spoken, without leaving Forms Mode.  So this looks like a helpful thing. 
Why wouldn't this just be the default?  Do you have any idea what purpose 
could be served by *not* allowing Jaws to see some necessary labels while 
you're in Forms Mode?  I lack the programming background to intuit the 
Again, thanks for pointing out that setting.
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If the Web site is designed well enough that you are able to determine which 
labels are associated with which fields while in Virtual Cursor Mode, try 
going into the Verbosity Menu and turning on Forms Mode Uses Virtual Labels. 
This should allow you to hear the same labels you would hear in Virtual 
Cursor Mode while you are tabbing through the form in Forms Mode.

Gary King

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  I don't have that problem, but I have a forms related problem. 
Occasionally, when I hit enter or the space bar to go into forms mode and 
fill out the first line of information, and then tab to the next field, JFW 
does not tell me what that field is. For instance, if I hit enter on first 
name and type in John and then tab to the next field, JFW doesn't say Last 

  If someone can cure that one I will greatly appreciate the help.

  Take care,


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  Hi, Does any one else have a problem like this? When I'm filling out some 
thing jfw7.1 says that I'm in the form line above the one I'm really in. So 
what I mean is say if I'm putting my user name and then tap down to put my 
pass word it says that I'm still in the user name line but really I'm in the 
pass word line... Now if any one understands this and has any ideas please 
let me know...



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