Re: UpdatedAdAwareScriptsReadyForDownload

  • From: "Moti Azrad" <motiaz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 06:33:53 +0200

Hi daniel,

Open your Ad aware.
Press insert+0 
Press ctrl+s 
press ctrl+f4.
It is done.
BTW, the latest adaware is version 1.06.


Moti Azrad
Musician & Piano-Tuner
+9722 583 1849  Jerusalem
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  One and only one question, so far, and a really basic question at that:

  I'm not very experienced at recompiling scripts.  Last time I needed to do 
  it, I was given several ways to do it and none of them actually worked for 
  me, for some reason.

  Now I need to do this again, because I'm using Jaws 6.0 and the installer 
  told me to.

  So, should I first download and install the new version of AdAware?  I can 
  do this by clicking Web Update in SE 1.05, I think it is, and saying yes 
  when it asks me if I want to upgrade.

  Then how do I compile or recompile the scripts so I can get started again?

  Thanks.  If I have this backward, please explain the steps.
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  From: "Dean Schmidt" <dschmidt1991@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:12 PM
  Subject: UpdatedAdAwareScriptsReadyForDownload

  Hello everyone,
  It's my pleasure to announce that the full version of AdAware Scripts 1.0 is 
  ready for download. These are free scripts for anyone who would like them.
  My thanks go to all those who participated in the beta tests, it was 
  enjoyable working with you and I feel that the scripts are better because of 
  your feedback. The scripts are available on the Accessible Programs web 
  site, and if Debbie begins to update her page, I'll later post them on 
  jfwlite as well. To download the scripts, go to:
  I'll be here till Friday evening to answer any questions or if you need 
  assistance, then I'll be gone on vacation.
  Hope you enjoy.
  Dean Schmidt


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