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hi, another way to solve this problem is to turn on sticky keys.  so
when your friend presses control it will stick so she can press control
let it go press the letter s then press control again.  

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Hi Dave,
Having worked with older adults (one is 85), I can understand the
difficulty in teaching a concept, only to find the person has trouble
with executing the keystroke.  So I backtrack to try another way of
doing it, and they cannot remember it but do remember the first one.
I'm trying to get around that one, too.  It is not easy, since I work
with 9 at a time, all with different skill levels.  Some of them catch
on to doing it another way and others have trouble with it.  I have them
talk about it - get it all in the open so they can hear themselves talk
about it and listen to other  people discuss it from their perspective.
Then I sit on them to make them do it the new way.  Heh.  Don't I wish!
No, we go over the new sequence, having them practice it, saying the
keystrokes out loud so they can hear what to do next.  That's as far as
I've gotten.
Teaching JAWS commands to an older population is difficult.  Some bring
in skills they have had when sighted, and they find it hard to change.
Some don't learn well or take a looooong time to learn.  The vast
majority hate taped training and prefer a "live" person with them for
the sessions.  But that's a whole issue unto itself.
Anyway, this is what I have so far.

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