Re: Jaws 2.0 authorization

  • From: "Zameer" <zameer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 15:21:18 +0200

Hi, I apologise for the wrong link.
I will definitely get jaws 2.0 and give you the direct link to download.

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  The link you gave me is for jaws for dos, not jaws for windows 2.0. I am 
enquiring about jaws for windows 2.0 authorization - jaws for dos does not 
require authorization.
  I use jaws for dos on a dos computer i have - it's a good screen reader.

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  Hi, now that's not an answer that anybody is looking for from 
  what you can do is try to download jaws 2.0 from fs website.
  but anyway, here is the link:

  Hope that helps you.

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    Subject: Jaws 2.0 authorization


    I have already contacted freedomscientific regarding this, but they wrote 
back and said "we do not support quella authorization anymore, we cannot offer 
any support for this question" even though i told them it was for an old pc and 
i owned my own copy.
    The jaws 4.02 auth disk will not work with jfw 2.0 because the 
authorization method and files are different for jfw 2.0. 
    Also, i don't think it will complain about the serial number of the auth 
disk because the serial number is contained in the key, not on the actual jaws 
program disks.
    If anyone has a copy of jfw 2.0 lying around please could they send me the 
images of the disk (as td0 (teledisk)) files or some other disk image file.

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