Re: Alternative Word-2003 menus for Word 2007

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  • Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 14:40:48 -0400

Not exactly true.  While you can indeed access most of Word 2003's options with 
the Word 2007 ribbon menu system, there is one glaring omission: the beloved 
Letter Wizard, which many blind users depend on to format and compose their 
business and personal correspondence.  There are even a couple of audio 
tutorials on using the Letter Wizard with JAWS or other screen reader, so it is 
apparently a very popular function.  But in its infinite wisdom, MS saw fit to 
eliminate it from Word 2007, leaving no practical alternative for JAWS users 
except for a confounding array of templates which are largely inaccessible. So 
unless you are forced by your employer to rely on this clunker of a word 
processor, I see no good reason to purchase it for home use. 


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  If you spend a few minutes investigating the ribbons and using the tutorials 
available, office 2007 is just about the same is 2003, and if you already know 
keystrokes for items they are still able to be used.  Sure there is a learning 
curve, as with any program but it really isn't as bad as some make out.  I 
admit I'd prefer the menus but I can work with I have and, National Braille 
Press sells books on shortcut or keyboard commands that are helpful and 


  If you don't need to upgrade don't but, if your job requires it, or if you 
are just wanting to keep up-to-date, it isn't as horrible as some programs that 
have you constantly in the Jaws cursor mode clicking on everything etc.  



  Rose Combs



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  Dude, I'm gonna tell it to ya straight.  Don't listen to anybody trying to 
sell you on 2007.  Especially, don't let them do it to you if you're using 
office applications to do your job.  It is one major productivity killer.  If 
you want to upgrade, get 2003.  You can buy it on eBay for a couple hundred 
dollars if you don't mind going that route.  Just make sure the ad says it's 
brand new and stil in the box.  If you go 2007, just pretend you got yourself a 
whole new wordprocessor to learn.  Go in with the mentality of a rookie/newbie 
because all your old hotkey friends are no more.  Most folks just don't have 
that kind of time.  They buy the same software's upgrades when they come out 
because they expect to just be able to jump right in and start working and 
producing the same output of work as they did with the prior version if not 
more.  If they wanted to learn a whole new piece of software, they'd've bought 
wordperfect or something.  Jaws still works great with 2003 and you can still 
hit the ground running with it straight out of the box coming from office 2000. 
 Don't just take my word for it on how bad 07 is.  Just google "hate office 
2007" and you'll see what I mean by productivity killer.  I wish with all my 
heart that I could go back to 2003 at the office but, everyone's been migrated 
and we are all still fussing and cussing about it and it's been like 2 months 
already since the upgrade.  I'm telling you, it's just NOT worth it.  It is one 
royal, unmitigated, colossal, ferocious, and persistent pain in the back side.  
Only reason I'm not using any more adjectives is because I ran out of clean 
ones and, as usual when I think of this thing, I find myself in great need of 
some scotch.


  One man's opinion,



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    From: Yardbird 

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    Subject: Re: Alternative Word-2003 menus for Word 2007


    Hi Sue,


    I'm still using one of the older versions of Word, but feel as if it might 
be a practical idea to buy and install Word 2007 one of these days in order not 
to be left behind with decreasing jaws support for my Word 2000. But I don't 
even know a couple of basic things, like can you just purchase Word 2007 alone, 
or must you get it as part of that office suite, and is that an expensive 
proposition? And second, how does a Jaws user learn to use Word 2007 and its 
notorious ribbon? Is there a tutorial or an instruction manual for it somewhere 




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    Subject: Re: Alternative Word-2003 menus for Word 2007


    I'm going to throw my two cents worth in on this one. I agree with George 
that those menus aren't really all that useful. If you are new to MS Office 
then skip them altogether and learn how the ribbons work. If you are firmly 
attached to the menus as they were used in earlier versions of MS Office, then 
these might be useful for finding commands that you don't have keystrokes 
already memorized for. However, they don't just add the menu bar back so that 
you can go on with things as you always did, there is still new stuff to learn. 
I've found in teaching that I can teach someone who was familiar with the menus 
to use the ribbons in about as much time as it takes to teach them to find and 
then navigate these add-ins.  My vote is that if you are using JAWS 10, I'd go 
for taking the time to learn how to navigate the ribbons. In case anyone is 
anxious about the switch to Office 2007, most of the dialog boxes, once you get 
to them from the ribbon, are the same as the ones in Office 2003 were, so 
getting to the options you need isn't really all that different.

    Sue B.

    George B wrote: 

    Dave eather have I they are kind of confusing let me know what you figure 

    "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The 
courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Subject: Alternative Word-2003 menus for Word 2007

    Anyone actually tried to use these? They seem to be templates but I've not 
been able to make them work.


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      Subject: Re: page layout in word 2007

      I can go one step further.  Below is the link to a web site from which 
you can download a free add-on to Word 2007 that adds the classic Word 2003 
menus.  This way, you can have your cake and eat it too.  If you are befuddled 
by Word 2007's ribbon menus, you can just switch to the more familiar Word 2003 


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        From: Curtis Jackson 

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        Subject: RE: page layout in word 2007

        Can you tell me what Kim koomandos web site is please?


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        Hi,  Kim Koomando posted a program on her Cool Site of the Day on May 
19th that described a free program to replace the Word 2007 Ribbon with all 
your familiar menus.

        If you search her site I expect you can find this particular post and 
the link to the company that provides the download.  Good luck, Mitch

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          Welcome to the confusing world of Office 2007 and the ribbon!

          You'll probably spend a lot of time groping around the ribbon, 
looking for your old familiar dialog boxes. It wasn't easy for me.

          Simply to answer your question:


          Down arrow

          Tab 4 times



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            From: John Fioravanti 

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            Subject: page layout in word 2007

            Hi: I just installed word 2007 and when I go to page layout to 
hopefully get to margin setings, it says hit tab or shiftt Alt followed by p. 
when I use tab or shift tab it talks about help and alt and P do nothing. Any 
help would be appreciated. John Fioravanti


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