[openbeos] Re: sync daemon?

  • From: "André Braga" <meianoite@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 15:21:58 -0200

On 1/19/07, François Revol <revol@xxxxxxx> wrote:
No need for a sparse layer anyway.
Just notice when a transfer failed and check the media status (probably
already done). Then queue it somewhere and pop up a dialog asking to
put the thing back. On 'Ok' transfers would be retried.

Well, that was exactly the first option I gave... The drawback is that
it would add another API to do just that. Stacking a sparse image on
top of the removable media allows reusing the current API, except for
the flushing to disk part.

Unless there's already something specific for flushing files used as
backing store back to the actual media.

I used to have a Win-E spicykeys shortcut to eject /dev/disk/scsi/*/*/*
(eject seems to attempt to unmount first IIRC)
Why not pop up a listview on Win-E you can scroll/click/typeahead-and-
type-enter ?
Probably handier than a menu. (One thing I don't like in BeAPI is the
dichotomy of BMenuItem vs BListItem...)

Well, with the exception that it would attempt to eject EVERYTHING
which reports itself as SCSI (like removable HDs, CDs, flash drives,
Zip disks)... It would be nice to make it selectable.

Btw, you don't need to see the desktop to unmount, only to be able to
select the disk.
Either click on the backdrop or use FFM and type the start of the
volume name then ALT-U. I use that a lot.

Some people can't stand FFM ;)
Me included.
And many times disks are named similarly, sequentially even. I for one
have several volumes called "Elvis 1", "Elvis 2"...

It'll become a crowded desktop :)

Nah, it could be made an option. Like the full/empty overlay is. This
could even replace the disk activity LEDs that are missing from many
of the recent CPU casings.

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