[haiku] Re: Problem with cprivmsg.txt

  • From: "Miroslav Stimac" <Miroslav.Stimac@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 12:37:52 +0100

> If you have a Unix box available try an md5 sum of the device the disk is
> on.
> Matthew Veety


I created two image files of the two CD-Rs by using Nero on my source system.
Then I compared the image files with FastSum.
The result: the files are not the same!
The checksums are different and there is even a difference regarding the sizes 
of the image files (a few KB).

But the files on the discs are the same when comparing them with FastSum.

This is strange.

1. I burnt two CD-Rs with the same nighly build Haiku ISO file. One CD with 
Nero, one CD with CDBurnerXP. Both were burnt with medium speed and the burning 
was validated by the burning software.
2. While installing Haiku, there occurs a copying problem when using the CD-R 
burnt with CDBurnerXP. The Nero CD-R runs fine.
3. When comparing the CD-Rs file by file with FastSum (creating checksums) and 
PSPad (comparing the checksums with TextDiff), then there are no differences.
4. When creating image files of both CD-Rs with Nero and comparing these image 
files with FastSum, then the checksums are different and even the files have 
different sizes (a difference of a few KB).

Miroslav Stimac
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