[haiku] Re: Interesting user interface.

  • From: Dan Pidcock <dan.pidcock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 08:05:12 +0100

2009/10/16 Eddy Groen <eddyspeeder@xxxxxxxxx>
>> 2009/10/16 Ben Allen <ben.allen@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Typing brings up another point: how would this coexist with a
>> keyboard?  having both in front of you on a desk would leave at least
>> one of the devices out of comfortable reach.
> I was wondering that too! It's not being addressed in the video.

At the end of the video they show the touchboard placed in front of
the keyboard. This seems like it would be comfortable to me, although
it would mean the touchboard would have to extend beyond the edge of
the desk over ones lap. Others may not be so keen on that idea.
Switching modes between keyboard and touch would also be jarring,
although this is already an issue for the hand that switches over to
mouse usage from the keyboard.

>> This also begs the obvious question:  Would one of the "System
>> Requirements" listed on the box for such a product include "Ten (10)
>> Fingers"?  Would you lose any noticeable functionality if you were
>> missing one or more fingers (or had an extra)?
> LOL "Not suitable for octopuses".

It's actually a serious consideration as not all computer users have
10 digits. There would have to be some redundancy/alternative mode. It
is possible to operate a keyboard and mouse with just one finger,
although not as quick or accurately as using all 10 digits.

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