[haiku] Re: Interesting user interface.

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2009/10/15 Bruno Albuquerque <bga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>I was impressed by this. Maybe one day this will be the default in Haiku. ;) 
>>Watch the video.

2009/10/15 Izomiac <haikulist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
If I'm watching a movie I don't want the pointer to be anywhere.

It's in the video: the pointers are only visible when your hands are on the 
multitouch trackpad.

One issue I may see here is that it takes some time to search for where all ten 
of your cursors are when you place your fingers back. I already have problems 
finding my single cursor back sometimes!

If working with widgets on opposite sides of the screen then I have no desire 
to transverse the space between them.

If I understand what you're saying, then it's also in the video. You open the 
left menu by tapping on the far left of the multitouch trackpad (left pink) and 
the right one... you guessed it (right pink).

Likewise, I'd like the ability to use two cursors [on two separate 
applications] simultaneously. 

Very good! I agree.

2009/10/16 Ben Allen <ben.allen@xxxxxxxxx>
Typing brings up another point: how would this coexist with a
>keyboard?  having both in front of you on a desk would leave at least
>one of the devices out of comfortable reach.
I was wondering that too! It's not being addressed in the video.

This also begs the obvious question:  Would one of the "System
>Requirements" listed on the box for such a product include "Ten (10)
>Fingers"?  Would you lose any noticeable functionality if you were
>missing one or more fingers (or had an extra)?
LOL "Not suitable for octopuses". 


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