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  • Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 06:21:29 +0000

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>-- zuMi, on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 18:53:34 +0000:
>> Actually I don't mean to have something like this, but if the deskbar

>> could
>> manage custom groups beyond the current implementation by 
>> "application" the
>> user can set as visible a group of windows at once with a simple 
>> click onto
>> it, still using workspaces to take applications apart, if you haven't

>> caught
>> the concept with these messy words this is an example: (image not 
>> included)
>While personally, I'm content for the moment with what workspaces offer

>I'd have another suggestion, to gain this kind of functionality.
>It's another application of session management.
>Say, we'd have a Session preference panel that will save all currently 
>running applications and their workspaces, you give it a name, 
>description and icon. You can also set a boot flag, which will start 
>that one session on boot-up.
>Under Deskbar's tray could be an optional session tray with the 
>sessions icons (+bubblehelp with the session name and a list of therein

>running apps). Clicking on a symbol will switch sessions, i.e. apps and

>workspaces. A right-click menu could offer options like "Add current 
>apps" to add applications you've started besides what's already done by

>the session. And "Update session" to take all currently running apps as

>the new session, i.e. you may have started other apps or closed ones 
>started by the session.
>The Deskbar only shows the running apps of the current session.

Nice, a session manager is cool but my idea is more volatile, on reboot work
groups will be lost, is just a way to show/hide a bunch of windows on the
fly through the deskbar...I have to get a look on that DE using tags instead,
just to see how is implemented.

Michele Frau aka zuMi

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