[haiku-development] Wrapping up R1 alpha 2

  • From: Ingo Weinhold <ingo_weinhold@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 11:36:48 +0200


using the momentum of the rather productive BeGeistert coding sprint, I 
guess now is the perfect time to initiate the final launch sequence for the 
alpha 2 release. Haiku, Inc. accepted my contract proposal for focussed 
work on the alpha 2 release [1], I'm offering to take over the not 
particularly popular task of the (technical) release coordination (*) at 
least until my contract ends (expected in early May), but, if my spare time 
permits, hopefully until the release. I would like to start a vote on 
appointing me the release coordinator on Monday and, to not waste time, 
also start acting preliminarily in that position at the same time. Unless 
concerns are raised that is.

Regarding the organization of the release I propose the following:

* The 10th of May (Monday) is the official release date. To allow for some 
time to spread the final image to the download mirrors the final version 
should be tagged and built a day before.

* The release branch should be created on Monday.

* All developers continue to make their changes in the trunk. Only the 
release coordinator will commit changes to the branch.

* The release coordinator will monitor the ongoing trunk activity and list 
all change sets on a Wiki page. All release-relevant change sets will need 
to pass a review (by any other developer or by the release coordinator) 
before being merged into the release branch. (**) The idea behind the 
review process is to ensure a high quality of the changes that end up in 
the release branch.

* A discussion/vote must be held what optional features to include. This 
should be finished during the next week.

* Optional packages that have been built on a trunk revision need to be 
rebuilt when the release branch has been created and prepared.

Please comment.

CU, Ingo

(*) Concerns have been raised that Haiku, Inc. is meddling with development 
affairs by appointing me release coordinator. This is a misunderstanding. 
I'm merely paid for my time working on Haiku. The decision who is going to 
be the release coordinator is totally up to the developers.

(**) While there's always the release coordinator to review patches of 
other developers, someone else would have to review his patches. We'll have 
to see how that works out.


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