[haiku-appserver] Re: input issues

  • From: Jérôme Duval <korli@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 14:45:34 +0200

Selon Axel Dörfler <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> "Rudolf" <drivers.be-hold@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > If you could get into a situation where a user moves the cursor
> > (quickly) to a spot onscreen, and press a button there, while the app
> > that should respond to that press still thinks the cursor is in an
> > 'old' position, you are in trouble...
> [...]
> > Anyway: if the error situation I am describing is not possible
> > because
> > of some reason I don't yet see, disregard this message please :-)
> This cannot happen as the time of the movement and the click are
> considered.

I'm wondering what you mean exactly. But an app should receive all events
serially, the mouse move then the mouse press.
And in fact, if the app takes too much time to handle the click, the mouse
cursor can already be somewhere else than where it was clicked. That's an
accepted behavior which i think we can't do anything about it.


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