[guide.chat] To the secretary for Carol

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 20:21:57 -0000

Hi Carol, oh so happy you enjoyed drama group it always sounds such fun. Sadly 
I don't think there's anything like that here without going on a college course 
in drama of course which I don't really want as it's too serious and intense 
for me. I just want to do it for fun like you do. I enjoyed the soaps and to my 
amazement had another packet of those truffles so I started it and finished it 
tonight. Hope you had a good day and enjoyed your time in town. Thank you for 
the corrie gossip sounds all go next week the way we like it. Yes it's my busy 
week of clubs next week great but of course all my weeks are a bit busier now I 
have the riverside club it's ideal. Today's my dad's birthday he's 65 so a very 
special one. He got lots of cards he loves them all including mine of course. 
Yes I know. I didn't tell you it was dad's special birthday this year but 
there's been so much going on it didn't even come into my mind to tell you. 
What am I like? My age is showing for sure hahahaha. Well Elaine and our little 
Jamie and Meghan came over for a visit to bring dad his cards and they even had 
the chippy with us how cool. They came at 4 PM so Simon couldn't make it as he 
was at work. We all enjoyed it. I had fishcake with my chips and mushy peas. 
The kids just had tomato ketchup with their's. Dad's had a lovely day. He got a 
new shirt from my mum and me and will get something else special with the money 
he got from us all soon so keep you posted on that. Have a good weekend. Mine 
will be quiet so I will be chilled out for my busy week ahead. Oh yes, Anita 
thanks you for the lovely braille letter and fridge magnet she loves it. Love 
Clare xxxx

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