[GradeQuick] Re: Network permissions

  • From: "Lawson, Glen" <Glen.Lawson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <gradequick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 20:45:29 -0400

How do I set permissions on each account so that a teacher
can only change his/her own files? Is it within GradeQuick or is it just on
the network? 

I'll echo what everyone else has said and say that we have access to everyone 
else's folder.  We are using Windows Server 2003 and have a separate login for 
GradeQuick, but once you are in GQ you can access everyone elses folder.  Ours 
are organized by teacher number rather than name.  

I would say maybe you don't want to be locked out.  Say you have two teachers 
coteaching and they want to manage everything through one gradebook.  All they 
have to do is have one teacher do a "Gradebook to Gradebook Copy" and you can 
manage the students in one file, then at the end of the grading term, copy back 
to the original files and send your grades or whatever you will do.

We are a middle school and we haven't had a problem in 6 years, (2 1/2 that we 
have used the network setup)  Plus there is the couple of times a week backup 
so there isn't the problem of what you will do WHEN your floppy disk goes bad.

Good Luck!  Post any other questions you have.

Glen Lawson  

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