[GradeQuick] Re: Attendance and Dropped Students

  • From: Richard Emmel <remmel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 21:16:14 -0500

Mille, Thomas wrote:

SASI isn't designed to work with GradeQuick. Basically if you have SASI you're supposed to use ClassXP for attendance and InteGrade Pro for your gradebook... they're all products from Pearson Digital. SASI's a great admin program, but it doesn't play nice with other companies and as far as I know it's impossible to get SASI and GQ to work together. It's even a hassle to get SASI to work with SNAP, our nursing program, which isn't even a competitor of Pearson. There is a way to export rosters from SASI to GQ, but that's about it... you won't be able to send anything from GQ to SASI-- no grades, no attendance. We bought SASI last year to replace Administrator's Plus, from Rediker Software. I spent a few months trying to get GQ and SASI to work... I finally gave up and this year I forced my teachers to use Integrade Pro. I've never used Edline and don't know much about it, but I can pretty much guarantee it won't work with SASI since it isn't a Pearson Digital product.


Thank you for telling me the truth. I am just a teacher but was the primary force behind getting GQ. Last year on my school network we were able to rosters and classes by cuting and pasting from SASI to GQ. The GQ people promised the software necessary to do grade transfers. All that was involved was matching the columns in GQ to those in SASI. My principal never allowed me to do that so I don't know how difficult it would have been. I teach in Arkansas and know of at least 3 large school districts using GQ with their admin program with great results. None of them use SASI though.

Did you talk with the GQ technical people? They had to talk me through the cutting and pasting and sent written descriptions as well before I was able to get rosters and classes to transfer from SASI to GQ. I am also wondering if InteGrade Pro is a good program and is it expensive.


Richard Emmel

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