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MY school district (Greece, NY) is using GQ and Edline (but NOT SASI). 
What help do you need?

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Richard Emmel <remmel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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09/27/2005 08:08 PM
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Linda Reuvers @ Home wrote:

> I don't believe it is the time between clicks.
> I believe it is that while you're holding down the mouse while 
> highlighting the files you're moving the mouse (ever so slightly) 
> which makes the computer think you are dragging them to make copies. 
> Instead, try using the shift key.  While holding down the shift key 
> select the first file on the list then click on the last file on the 
> list.  That will cause all files in-between to be highlighted.
> Hope that helps.
> Linda
Richard responds,

Thanks Linda and Paula. You suggestions solved my problem. Now if I 
could only get someone on the list or elsewhere to talk with me about 
Sasi, GQ and Edline.


Richard Emmel

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