[gmpi] Re: low level API - Abstract Factory summary

  • From: "Angus F. Hewlett" <angus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 11:13:29 +0000

Paul Davis wrote:

you use standard C conventions:

all functions and data marked static are local to the module being
loaded, everything else is (potentially) global. OSX is the same, i
believe. for some reasons, windows took the opposite approach - stuff
is not globally visible unless marked. i have no idea why this
decision was made.

My guess would be, because they wanted DLLs to be easily usable between different developers. Only export what you want other people to use.

Probably some closed-source issues there as well. Xcode on OSX (based on gcc) leaves all function symbols switched on by default - makes crash logs beautifully easy to read, but also makes it frighteningly easy to reverse-engineer proprietary software :-/


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