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Thank for chiming in Adam.
Cell phones today are starting to make interesting music.  I can totally
imagine cell phones in a few years having more interesting DSP like reverb,
spatialization, etc.  I for one don't want to ghettoize them in the early
stages of defining this spec.

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Marc Poirier wrote:
>>  but I will say that I think that it's worth being a little realistic 
>>  and specific about who really will be needing 
>> integer sample support, if anyone. 
>>  Some have I think said that some
>> cellphones will need integer sample format support
>>  Okay, but are any  cellphones really going to be running GMPI plugins? 
2 comments about integer support:
-  The whole reason I am lurking on this list is to try to determine whether
GMPI can offer anything useful to audio on cellphones.  I definitely think
DSP can be used to enhance mobile audio.  A bunch of today's mobile hardware
does not have any floating point capabilities.
-  Back when I was working primarily on game console audio tools, I often
heard that our tool would be killer if it supported plugins like VST or
something.   Any plugins would have to be fixed-point, as the PS2 audio chip
does not have floating point capabilities.  
So I for one am interested in determining how GMPI can support fixed-point
systems.    But I may be the only one.
Adam Shelly
Analog Devices
My opinions, not theirs.

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