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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 11:05:04 +0100

Knarr wrote:
> I would like to say I fully comprehend all that you say here, but
> truthfully I don't. One thing I do think is that whether one jumps
> from a spinning Merry-go-round, or whether one jumps from a
> Merry-go-round that is standing still while the earth beneath the
> Merry-go-round rotates, the effect will be the same. True? Thank you
> for the post. Ronald Knarr

False.  If the merry-go-round is spinning you will feel a centrifugal
force throwing you off.  If the earh is spinning and the merry-go-round
not (or spinning the opposite way relative to the earth) then you will
feel no centrifugal force on the merry-go-round but will feel one on the
earth once you are stationary on earth.

Relavitiy allows you to view either the earth, or the merry-go-round as
stationary and all the physics still works but it is horrendously
complicated to work out (the theory itself is still beutifully simple). 
  And if you accept relativity then you accept that there is
no meaning to the question "where is the centre of the universe".

Neville Jones has claimed that he believes in a Newtonian universe and a
stationary earth and claims that the entire matter of the universe
orbiting earth daily can also account for the effects that locally make
the earth appear to spin and move.  I don't agree but have not had the
time to read up on his references and think it through.


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