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 As Moller's text on Relativity makes clear, the centrifugal, Coriolis 
and Eulerian forces which are treated as fictitious forces in a 
non-geocentric context are real, actual forces in a geocentric context. 
Further, the origin of inertia must be understood properly prior to 
mounting an analysis. (This is important because one would otherwise 
misunderstand a helpful analogy: comparing eg Voyager to a marble 
rolling linearly from the center of a spinning merry-go-round to the 
outer rim. The analogy might lead one to expect centrifugal force to 
hurl the marble (Voyager) off the merry-go-round -- but in the case of 
the actual rotating cosmos, the inertial field is FIXED to the aggregate 
universal mass, while a playground's merry-go-round is ROTATING with 
respect to that inertial field. Therefore, the Voyager participates in 
the rotation of the cosmic mass around the earth, but the inertial 
effects must be scaled to its relative motion "with respect to the 
distant stars" (often called the "fixed stars" under the influence of 
Copernican thinking).

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