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Dear Neville,
Yes its all getting clearer! 

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  Dear Jack,

  We can obtain a definition of 1 'second' in this modern era by using the 
monochromatic wavelength of light emitted by certain atoms, but original 
definitions of time were always based upon the regular movement of the heavens.

  The use of 24 hours is fairly arbitrary, but it does allow for things like 15 
degrees of rotation per hour, which is quite useful.

  However, most people are not too interested in what time Orion rises, since 
they plan their day from morning to evening, so a system based upon the Sun 
rising is what we use for our everyday clocks and watches.

  The difference of about four (mean solar) minutes between 24 mean solar hours 
and 24 sidereal hours is caused by the stars going around slightly quicker than 
the Sun.

  In the heliocentric model, these two times are attributable to different 
components of the World's movement, whilst the Sun and stars are effectively 

  In the geocentric model, the difference is caused by the Sun going 
'backwards' around its path, taking 12 months to get all the way round, whilst 
the path rotates nightly with the heavens.




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