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Dear Neville,
I have a question regarding the rotation time.
The World takes 23h 56m 4.091s to rotate once about its axis. From where do we 
get a measurement of time that is not related exactly to the time of the 
Earth's rotation? Whys is there a 4 min. difference. This has always been a 
puzzle to me.

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  Are we all agreed so far?


  Not entirely sure yet..  Neville said,

  3. The World takes 23h 56m 4.091s to rotate once about its axis.

  I am no math person, but instinct tells me that the 4 minutes is taken off 
because of the increment of rotation needed to be caught up, due to the alleged 
orbiting of the earth. It is not specifically the true spin rate. 

  It is 24 hours from sun rise to sun rise. Therefore in the HC scene, as the 
sun is stationary, the real rotation is once in 24 hours..  the other figure is 
a mathmatical compute to justify the differential in observation of the other 
stars  caused by the orbit al change in location. 

  Like I said.. Its only instinctive..  but I saw a diagram once somewhere. And 
someone has to answer the connundrum I gave to Allen re the moon, and what IS 


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