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My faith is in our Father, not in any man. I am a Unitarian, not a Trinitarian.

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That is the whole point of FAITH IN CHRIST...????

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But Allen, that is not an answer.. If it is you who have found the TRUTH through seeking, then no one else here has. If I have it, then still no one else has found it. Maybe nobody has it. 
Don't you see how meaningless and useless the promise is? Its about as valuable as the one which promises you can tell that mountain to move, and it will move.. Has that ever been done ever?  There is no way, save a bolt of lightening and a pillar of flame from Heaven, to confirm what you found...  Oh yes there are plenty of excuses that may fool you into believing it, but everybody has a great number of conficting proofs of that sort. 
Talking about pillars of flame, how about a real audio voice in your head. Back at the Tokyo exhibition, many decades ago, it was demonstrated where two soundless ultrasonic waves one modulated with audio, were beamed directly into the position your head was, and you in that position heard the voice of God, and no-one else heard a thing..  Old hat, but quickly confiscated, never to be seen again, except we now have a spate of Islamic suicide bombers, and drugged out school kids obediently shooting up and killing people because they heard God telling them what to do... And they really did hear him... 
Oh what a joyful experience to be confirmed in this way, for the unenlightened anyway..  You see, Neville would know it was not God, because his God does not kill like that..But thats just a nice feeling wish.  He cannot be absolutely sure. "Vengeance is mine" sayeth the Lord..

Very well put, Philip. Where does reality stop and reasoning begin? You are correct, I cannot be absolutely sure. But we each can observe slightly different perspectives of the same reality if we just use what we have been provided with - eyesight, hearing, reasoning, touch, mercy, compassion, ...


You would not kill, saying it is the voice of the Devil not God.  But I would say someone has some electronic equipment nearby... 
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Why bull?..again context is everything...Did Christ come to preach islam or hindu or somthing else?..Chriat is not saying what ever you find will be ok with God as long as you seek!?......He is saying that if you look for him/ truth the words of life and truth you will find them........ the importaince of not taking a few words or Christ external of all of his words and developing a Gospel out of it.....It would be just as erroneous to take the instructions of employer out of context when he states..." well if you dont feel good just go home".......If you dont put that statement into its context I could attempt to use that for any and every case when and where i did not feel good....come guys use the same approach to Christ as you would any other real person......There is the imediate context and there is also the "big piture" context...............I bet none of you have any problems making the distinctions or "figuring it out" at work or anywhere else for that matter.....?  ..That is the point....."seek and you will find."................not find what you want then "call it good" coz you "seeked it"....!?.

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In my defence, however, I would argue that this is what 'Jesus' stresses by seemingly repeating his admonition to seek: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." (1st canonical gospel 7:7,8, NIV.)  Neville
With regret, even Catholics believe this, but to me its all bull..
If a child of Islam seeks and believes, he finds Islam, a Hindu, hinduism, an Angilcan the church of England, and a Catholic  the Roman Church and so on.. 
The evidence everywhere says that this does not work...diversity in contradiction cannot be right..  unity in diversity is a contradiction.
For elsewhere Jesus says, "I chose you. "  not you chose me...and elsewhere many are called, but FEW are chosen. and again, if you accept Paul, "as he chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.."    
Seek and ye shall find..  Neville, Jack, and Phil  and Dave etc all feel they have found the truth, yet only ONE, or NONE, can have it. And going on the averages against the trillions of created souls, NONE is the most likely among our little group and the entire world today.  
14 How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!
What a dismal and unhappy creation. What a promise? Its like saying you might win the lottery..  Worse.. the averages of chance for the whole human race in all of time are far worse.
Yet not liking it cannot change it. Not Neville. Not I. Its a stupid scientist who says He does not exist. Its the height of stupidity and arrogant pride to claim such perfection in a matter where you do not find out you are wrong till its too late.. 
I'm not so perfect. I'll take some insurance thankyou ..  I'll buy a ticket.... and try to pay my premiums every year.
for some relief I have a question for the astronomers next....

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