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Hello Peter,

Thanks for your response.

The prophesies you refer to in the Old Testament are interesting. Since these are Hebrew books, have you ever wondered why the Jews do not regard 'Jesus' as their Messiah? Quite the contrary, they regard him as something disgusting. Yet the prophesies are clearly written in their own tongue, are they not?

I will answer my own question. These claimed prophesies are not clear at all, but are chosen to crudely paint a picture that 'Jesus' was Jewish. Indeed, how could the "chosen ones" be considered thus unless 'Jesus' (who said and did things that they hated) was also to be taken as a Jew?



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Hi Neville, whilst I agree with your sentements regarding Isreals ethnic cleansing in the Palestine of today which is not God directed, and the work of Christian Zionists as well as Jews, in thier mistaken belief that the New Jerusalem is a physical entity rather than the Spiritual one with Jesus as the cornerstone, and that they belive they are doing the work of God by taking Palestine back and giving it to those who call themselves Jews but are not.
I cannot at all agree with your view of the God of the Old testament being the devil, after all, the 70 odd prophesies pointing to the Christ and which he fullfilled are to be found in the Old Testament.
And dont think Jesus isnt going to do far worst to those that worship the Beast and recieve its mark, for they will in effect be worshippers of Satan and so will not be allowed to remain on the Earth to spoil it as they are doing now, just as God of the Old Testament gave the pattern for the end of days when he cleared away all the pagan god worshippers in order to give the promised land to his people, his son Jesus will destroy all the willfull worshippers of the Devil at the end so he can lead the chosen people of today, the christians, into the promised land of the New Earth which the meek will inherit.
Those tribes you mentioned that God wanted completly distroyed would have had the same sort of worship that the unfaithfull Hebrews learned from them when they turned to Molech and burnt their firstborn children alive in the fire.
Maybe those people God had destroyed will be brought back in the resurrection where they will be given the oppurtunity to become clean and forgiven worshippers of the true God anyway?
Pete Charlton      
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One of the strongest geocentric accounts in the Bible, the strongest in Bouw's opinion, is Joshua's long day. I have a talk on this in Geocentric Universe versions 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0, as many of you know.

That our Father could stop the Sun and Moon from orbiting the World, I have no doubt about, if indeed the geocentric model is correct, but the reason given in Joshua is utterly false. It is blasphemous to suggest that our Father would do that such that the Jews could slaughter thousands more Amorites et al., in one of their usual, blood-crazed orgies (c.f. present-day Palestine). I hereby retract the GU talk and apologise for misleading anyone as to the nature of our Father.

On a similar note, I was disgusted by the cowardly aerial bombardment of Palestinian men, women, children and animals by the Ezraeli Air Force recently, supported by the whores in the American, French, German, Canadian, Australian and British governments who are happy to accept Jewish money soaked in blood. I then realized that our Father would never flood the World with water "from above." This is quite apart from the fact that basic physics shows such a phenomenal transfer of kinetic energy into heat and erosion to be impossible to withstand. So whatever catastrophe occurred, had to be man-made. There was no Noah's Ark. Otherwise our Father would be tarred with the same vile brush that tars the Ezraelites. The father of the Ezraelites is the Devil, as Christ told them plainly, and the works of their father they do. The god of the Old Testament/Torah/Talmud is the Devil.

I am waking up to my bugle call. A little late, perhaps, but better late than never!!



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