[GeoStL] Re: Found an archived cache...did I do the right thing?

  • From: Glenn <potbellystove@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 20:38:04 -0500

thats about 4 more steps than I would have done actually. 

On Oct 5, 2010, at 8:12 PM, Hobbit Taz wrote:

> I don’t see a problem with your action
> I would likely do exactly what you did in that situation (7 years?).
> 1)       Picked it up
> 2)       Checked Status
> 3)       Notified owner of what I did and why (explain that I could return to 
> its proper hide or to owner on request)
> 4)       Logged Cache
> 5)       If found to not be archived – noted it as Needs Maintenance until 
> determined from owner what they would like done.
> The time frame is what I would have a question about (not in this case but 
> general).
> How Long would the cache have to be out there (if still in good condition / 
> if it was in a needs maintenance condition) before it would seem appropriate 
> to remove?    6 months?  1 Year?  3 Years? Longer?


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