[GeoStL] Re: Fake Log Entry??

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I would accept it.  I don't see any difference between logged from a phone
(which is what that is telling you) than to get the log from the computer at
the finder's home or nearest computer.  The only way either way to know they
actually went to the spot is to go check the physical log sheet.   


I have tried to do this myself to help keep track of the caches I find while
on the road.  My current service (and my phone typing) is slow and sluggish
so I don't currently do it often but if I get a better service and phone I
may do more of it.  

Currently I usually log something like "Found - will edit more detail later"
then I can go back when at my computer and edit the logs with better
description or story etc by just going through my resent logs and know I
didn't miss one and have them ordered correctly.



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I've been getting this on the log entries to some of my caches:  "Sent from
my mobile device" or "Sent from my android phone".  It tells me nothing, nor
can I believe the cacher was even at the cache site.  When I get that type
of entry, I delete the log and ask the cacher to resubmit a "find" entry
that's more traditional.  How do some of you handle this type of log entry?
Bob Pratt

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