[directmusic] Question about extension measures

  • From: "Anders J. Aamodt" <Deicidia@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "'DirectMusic FreeList'" <directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 04:42:36 -0700



I just joined the list, and was wondering if anyone knew a solution to =
problem with DirectMusic Producer:


I have a pattern with four measures in it. It's got a little melody in =
it. I
want to add an extension measure so, after its done repeating, it will =
the final resolution chord. I looked in the help, and found two mentions =
this: the topics "Part Length" and "Extra Measures". I made the =
measure, but I can't add notes to it. When I try to add notes, it just =
them in the first measure. I've messed around, trying to find =
"loopholes" to
this, but I couldn't. I tried using extension measures in a regular =
that was not inside of a style, and discovered that I had slightly more
freedom there. Are the help files wrong, or am I missing something?
Extension measures seem like the perfect way to put my resolution in my
pattern (as is common in music, the final note of the phrase falls on =
first measure of the phrase after it). If that won't work, is there an
alternative or a better way to do it altogether?


Thanks for your time!

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