[directmusic] Re: Question about extension measures

  • From: "Saul Bottcher" <saul.bottcher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 10:54:01 -0400

Hi Anders,

> 2. Overlap the resolution chord the follows the first pattern with the
> beginning of the next pattern (the use of "End" added in an extra,
> non-overlapping measure when I tried it).

    Yup, that's the expected behaviour.  Since you want the chord to

    -If the same 2nd pattern always follows the 1st pattern, then you could
double the length of the 2nd pattern, duplicate the notes (to create an
artifical 2x repetition), and add the resolution chord to the start of the
2nd pattern.
    -If a different 2nd pattern follows the 1st pattern each time, you could
try putting the resolution chord on the very last tick of the 1st pattern.
(You would need to double the length of the 1st pattern and copy the notes
to create an artifical 2x repetition, so the resolution chord only plays the
2nd time).

    If the first pattern repeats a random number of times, or is sometimes
not followed by a 2nd pattern, then you may have to do something more
complicated. :^)

    (Any thoughts from other list members?)


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