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I understand the purpose of extension measures now; thank you. Let me
explain exactly what I want to do:

1. Play a pattern twice
2. Overlap the resolution chord the follows the first pattern with the
beginning of the next pattern (the use of "End" added in an extra,
non-overlapping measure when I tried it).
3. Repeat this next pattern twice, etc. Since it is repeated, the =
chord *needs* to overlap the next phrase.

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    As far as I know, extension measures are used for notes that begin
within the body of the pattern, but are long enough to extend beyond the
last barline.  For example, if you had a whole note begin on beat 4 of =
4, it would extend 3 beats into the first extension measure.  DMProducer
adds these measures automatically when you add a long note, edit a =
length, or paste from the clipboard.
    If your melody played only one time (not multiple times), then you =
start the notes on the absolute last tick of bar 4, and achieve the =
you're looking for (it would be basically indistinguishable from beat 1 =
the next bar).
    I assume the idea is for the resolution chord to overlap something =
that follows?
    Otherwise, you could simply create a second pattern, 1 bar long,
containing the resolution chord.  Give it the same groove range and =
click on
the "end" button, and it's easy to call that up from your segment.
    Depending on exactly what you're trying to accomplish, there may be
different ways to do it.


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