[cryptome] Re: Wanna Be a Spy Wanna Be?: Take the MI5 Intelligence Test

  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 11:23:58 +0000

Hi Ryan,
Congratulations...:-) .

I think you will find that it is one of those open-ended sort of exercises, where there are a number of different outcomes, dependent upon what you look at, examine, understand, assimilate, categorise and then memorise, before you come out with the conclusions. The scenario also panders to ones prejudices...what would you do if caught up in a particular situation where thinking on your feet is needed, and where long a well as short term consequences have to be considered.

That is why they use a multiple choice question format. The problem with multiple choice format exams, is that though they are easy to mark, they don't have the flexibility of allowing for the development of fluid scenarios. The CHIS needs to be looked at quite carefully for example. Most people go for the names and dates of births and car numbers and types of cars, before they really knuckle down to the wheres and whens. This is because we are brought up with the Hollywood version of the spy hero who has an infallible memory, is athletic, well-trained in the use of gizmos and is one of the good guys who gets rid of the bad guys. There is an element of truth in that outlook (or is it instilled set of prejudices) but it is only an element.

There is also a time factor on it. It needs to be looked at a number of times, so that the examinee gets a better understanding of what is being asked, what to look for, how to put it together. A marriage of induction and deduction techniques. They do allow examinees the opportunity to take it a number of times, until the time is used up.

Now, what do you think...and our colleagues think, was the purpose of the exercise?

On 20/01/15 07:28, Ryan Carboni wrote:
I got five.

I suspect it's impossible to get eight out of eight, or they'd have to deal with people demanding high pay since they scored so high.

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