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Hi Shaun,
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They can only fuck up the world wide web and internet...and if they do that...then where is that going to leave them? The rest of us will suffer no doubt, but there was a world, a universe before the internet...and many billions of people still live in it. Perhaps we will all go back to being primitives in double quick time. The Aborigine will once again become supreme.

As long as society is prepared to give the security and intelligence services unbridled and unfettered rights to do what they like, then the likelihood of the internet of things going out of control or shutting down becomes greater. all the major politicians are determined that electronic, digital communications in all its forms will be collected, checked and collated. As time goes by and more and more people and organisations get an understanding of what is going on, and why their communications are no longer secure, or why money, patents, intellectual copyrights are no longer safe; then more will be done about it.

There is to be a new and more deep collaboration between the US of A and the UK intelligence servces on so-called cyberwar, with each of them having little defensive and offensive teams attacking various large corporations such as banks and financial institutions and datastores and such like. That should be fun for the new recruits to participate in. The trouble is that it will all be classified and conducted in secret and the results will only be given out in classifed science papers, leaving most in ignorance. And of course, that old enemy corruption, grows like mushrooms in the dark, without fertiliser, and pops out of the cupboard, just when no one is looking. Any crook will use a vacuum to conduct a new exploit, such is the nature of man.

And foreign intelligence agencies aren't standing still either, they may be much quieter, they may be much smaller, but they are still working away, watching and ward, penetrating and testing; stealing and buying, selling and trading..following the US example.much as they have done in the past. There will come a point when the US will be following them, such is the law of uneven development. Intelligence and its use, particularly individual intelligence, doesn't belong to any one country, it may or may not be genetic or a combination with the environmental, but it occurs at random throughout the world's population.

The US of A may have supremacy in much of the software and technology at the moment, but it does get an awful lot of the latest equipment and hardware made in foreign lands, such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and even Vietnam. Penetration skills improve all the time, and data collation and storage becomes cheaper and more efficient. Lots of opportunities exist out there in terms of discovery, trade and copying, and above all...in innovation...at others expense and hard work...

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*_PRIVACY IS A BASIC RIGHT - NOT A CONCESSION _* https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/11/when-time-comes-we-need-be-ready-fight-tpps-secret-anti-user-agenda

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