[cryptome] Re: The NSA the only part of government that listens

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They're stirring up FUD as usual, and presenting a false dichotomy of "choice": 
&nbsp;either the NSA retains our info, or the telcos (et al) keep it (and 
disseminate it to divorce lawyers and LE- don't forget haX0rs could get at it 

How about a 3rd choice: these companies just get rid of it at the end of the 
next billing cycle? &nbsp;Let the NSA or LE get a valid warrant for the exact 
record of their person of interest- y'know, as the 4th amendment dictates- 
during that time.&nbsp;

It's a subject that been discussed at great length here (and/or on cpunks or 
libtech, the lines blur.) &nbsp;There is no reason anyone needs to keep these 
bulk records for years (several decades, in AT&amp;T's case) when it has been 
shown time and again to be ineffective in "catching ter'rists."

But that's not the real reason they want this Stasi-like compendium of our 
lives, so don't expect it to stop (despite whatever weak legislation is passed 
to assuage we, the rabble.) &nbsp;TIA caused a stir &amp; was just moved under 
the radar &amp; put on steroids. &nbsp;This will be no different, especially 
with "oversight" from incompetent apologists like Feinstein.

&nbsp;On Nov 4, 2013 9:22 PM, John Hudson &lt;hudson28@xxxxxxxxx&gt; wrote:

Anybody catch the interesting logic of today's NSA hearing on civil liberties 
and privacy?&nbsp;
On Nov 4, 2013, at 11:20 PM, "" &lt;shelley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt; wrote:Is the 
funny/ironic bit you sending an html email with an inline image, from "email 
powered by Google" (given the nature of the article and the target audience of 
this list?)

&nbsp;On Nov 4, 2013 7:35 PM, Jeremy Compton &lt;j.compton@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt; 

I was sent this and l thought it was hilarious. I think we all need a bit a of 
a laugh from time to time. Its good for the soul.

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