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Is the funny/ironic bit you sending an html email with an inline image, from 
"email powered by Google" (given the nature of the article and the target 
audience of this list?)

&nbsp;On Nov 4, 2013 7:35 PM, Jeremy Compton &lt;j.compton@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt; 

I was sent this and l thought it was hilarious. I think we all need a bit a of 
a laugh from time to time. Its good for the soul.

 Makes all Email Use Privilege Waiving? 

Posted: 04 Nov 2013 03:00 AM PST

Puzzle me this: If a lawyer conversed with a client in front of a law 
enforcement representative, would the conversation
 be privileged?

Answer: No.

Conversations held in the presence of any third party, let alone one 
representing the government, would constitute a waiver of privilege.

Previously on 3Geeks (and perhaps too many times) we have 
tackled the subject of the use of free email services and how that waives 
privilege. But now the NSA has upped the ante on the topic, basically spreading 
it to all email.

Unless you live under a rock with no wifi, you will be aware that the NSA is 
tracking global email communications and storing them in
Utah (a nice place to visit). So, as a lawyer should you now expect that a 
government agency is obtaining copies of all of your confidential
 client communications? If so, you might want to ....

Oh never mind. If we actually took this rule seriously, all lawyers would be 
encrypting their email communications. And we know they are not and no one is 
asking them to do so.

I withdraw the statement.


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