<CT> Re: The End of and Era!

  • From: "John" <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:38:30 -0500

> Tell me I'm not alone! :)

No, you are not alone.  Several people have reasons for upgrading like
myself, I have an AMD K6-III 350 w/ 256MB RAM which runs WIN98SE for
bussiness software (eg. Quick Books Pro) and I also boot on the same system
Linux for fun and a new challenge.  For me Linux is currently like DOS was
back when it first came out (after switching to PCs' from Vic-20/Commadore
64/128).  It is something that grabs your interest and never lets go <g>.

Don't get me wrong, I also have a P75 running Wfwg 311 + calmira on my
network.  I use my P75 quite often, I even have it setup to access the
internet through my main computer serving as the gateway/dhcp server.

> Of course I accept that some people have to "upgrade", but why should free
> software that has proven to be most useful on Windows 3.x move with them?
> Calmira has never been aimed at the majority of PC users anyway. Why
> it need to evolve into a 32-bit app to have a future?

I don't think Bob ment Calmira should leave Win31 all together, I just think
he would like to see it expand support and have both a 16-bit version as
well as a 32-bit version.  I do not know how useful it would be to the
majority of Linux users (in fact us calmira fans who have fallen prey of the
penguin may be the only ones interested) but with Kylix due out within the
month, maybe even have CalmiraTux <g>.  Kylix is basically a combination of
C++ Builder and Delphi for Linux which will provide the RAD interface.  It
is suppose to be fully compliant with delphi, the only changes that will be
required is API calls AFAIK!  Food for thought anyhow ....

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