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Some of us are just reading the email, but thought I would put my two cents

Re:And besides, I find keeping this old thing running is satisfying and fun.
Tell me I'm not alone! :)

You are not alone...

Even thought I am using an E-machine (puny 300mhz with 32mb ram with 10gb
hd) I have more fun with the old IBM (is it IBM compatible) Ps2 8580 with
20mhz with 18mb Ram(it says it won't recognize but 16 mb, but somehow I got
it to see 18mb, has a C drive 110mb IBM original, with SCSI running a German
SCSI 655mb harddrive. Just yesterday,
I took everything apart, reinstalled with fresh disks, ms-dos 6.22, win 3.1,
added win32's, wwo981, Calmira vII and the new beta, and a few more things,
downloaded a free Anti-virus, and ran it on the ps2, showed clean, the free
anti-virus showed updates as of 12-11-2000.

Well enough.. Still Like Calmira and win 3.1....learning the hard
way....kill the old computer and bring it back to life again...  Not sure I
would have such luck with the new one..

Found a site the other night, which said I could run win 3.1 and Calmira on
my e-machine which is running WinME and fat 32..  Not sure if I want to try
it though...

Enjoy everyones input to this list...

    in Alabama, USA,,,

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