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> Of course I accept that some people have to "upgrade", but why should free
> software that has proven to be most useful on Windows 3.x move with them?
> Calmira has never been aimed at the majority of PC users anyway. Why
> it need to evolve into a 32-bit app to have a future?

I agree. Even Windows hasn't evolved into a 32-bit operating system. Some of
you may not know this, but even Windows ME is 16-bit. Microsoft is
definitely trying to get rid of DOS though, you need to boot from a floppy
to use DOS in ME. But DOS is there, probably hidden somewhere in the Windows
directory. BTW, I hated Windows ME. How is it any better than 98?

But staying on topic, Calmira is doing a great thing for Windows 3.1. We
should keep Calmira alive for Windows 3.1, but maybe we should also create a
Calmira32. To be a 32-bit replacement shell for all the crap MS comes out
with. With full integration with everything else, including IE where
necessary for compatibility. Fully programmed in Delphi. I'm sure there will
be much more support for it than the current Calmira, simply because most
people have left Windows 3.1 and migrated to the Windows 32-bit series. They
want a replacement for what they have now.

> Jason

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