<CT> Re: The End of and Era!

  • From: Jason Bees <jason.bees@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 20:09:24 +0000


Bob Groves wrote:
>Funnily enough, six months ago I bought myself a spanking new 600 MHz
>machine with Windows ME, and hence have been diverted from the list too.
>No... I'm not saying goodbye! I think that there's still a future for
>and probably it needs to evolve into the 32 bit world (as a low resource,
>high-functionality, best-of-all-worlds shell... not with the same design
>of course). Incidentally, contrary to critical belief Windows ME is not  a
>improvement on 98SE... it's more stable and less prone to mash your data/disk
>when peeved. Ironic though that it's taken Microsoft all this time to give us
>something roughly approaching a useful operating system :)

I'd like to know how many people on this list are, like myself, still using
16-bit Windows and finding it a useful OS. Its compact, speedy (it will fly
on today's hardware) and with the right software patches/hacks/upgrades
(most of which are free) it can be made very efficient and reasonably
stable. Of course, all this takes a bit of dedication, but is that really a
problem for us Calmirians? After all, I doubt that any of us are the type
of computer users who are going to be happy with Microsoft products
straight off the shelf. They all need just a little tweak here and there!
And besides, I find keeping this old thing running is satisfying and fun.
Tell me I'm not alone! :)

Of course I accept that some people have to "upgrade", but why should free
software that has proven to be most useful on Windows 3.x move with them?
Calmira has never been aimed at the majority of PC users anyway. Why should
it need to evolve into a 32-bit app to have a future?


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